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New Products
Rolling News: Rolling - April 2017

April means the start of good weather in the UK, which means dedicating more time to skateboarding and activity toys. To get street skaters in the mood we just dropped the Indy Blank Wheels - poured in a 101A hard urethane, these are ideal street wheels for tearing up the pavement and your local park. Best of all, the price point and margin means everyone is happy. 

The Madrid Roster grows even more with the addition of the new Paddle Dance deck - still one of our favourites - and the absolute beat of a downhill board, the Carbine. Deck Only options are avaiable now, but please contact us for Complete Build options. 

Furthermore Madrid released their new core range and wow, are we impressed. Working alongside the team at Paris Truck Co. has allowed them to develop their reliable, go-to core range with one of the most versatile, hard-wearing trucks around. 5 models complete the range including the new shrunk-down Gun board and our favourite, The Spade. With a new 78A urethane formula on the SmoothRide wheels as standard, these are worth swooping on now.

For shops looking to stock tools, the Indy Tools just landed - smart, simple and dressed in Black - these guys will keep boards running and skaters happy.  

Rolling News: Madrid Christmas Drop 2016

The team at RollingWholesale.com have just taken delivery of a huge selection of premium Madrid Completes for the Christmas 2016 period.

Numbers are limited on the range, with a first-come, first served basis. All Completes have been made in Madrid's Huntington Beach workshop with quality hardware from the likes of Cadillac, Randall and Paris. Personal staff favourites include the Board game Drop-Through complete board and the mini-skate-everything Riot Complete. This will be the last opportunity to invest in these lines so don't sleep!

RollingWholesale.com has worked hard to keep pricing consistent and margin orientated for retailers. Looking for premium boards that don't cost the world? Might be worth checking out the WoodStock range. these composite boards use American maple, Walnut and Bamboo to form amazing retro, classic and free-ride shapes.

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